5 Websites that Can Make a Filipino Online Assistant Wealthy and Wise


Any online assistant would like to be wealthy and wise. Who wouldn’t? Wealth and wisdom are two of the most coveted attributes that have been sought by men since time immemorial. They can help improve one’s quality of life, enhance relationships and increase confidence.

But rather than rant and rave or continue to just dream about wealth and wisdom, why not take the necessary steps to arm yourself with the knowledge necessary to attain them?

Wealth and wisdom do not come served on silver platters. You have to work really hard to get them. And everything starts with research, research, research. For starters, you can check out the five websites listed below.


5 Websites that Can Make an Online Assistant Wealthier and Wiser


Here are The Youthful Granny VA’s top 5 picks, in no particular order:

1. Forbes Magazine

5 Websites that Can Make a Filipino Online Assistant Wealthy and Wise

A lot of people think that Forbes is solely for entrepreneurs. Wrong. Even virtual assistants like us can gain worthwhile information from this website. It has tips for newbies, advice for freelancers looking to venture into entrepreneurship, learn about fog computing and more. Make it a daily habit to read Forbes and you’ll improve your English skills – big time. Rest assured that the articles here are well-researched and written by experts.

2. TED Talks

5 Websites that Can Make a Filipino Online Assistant Wealthy and WiseThe Youthful Granny’s fave site, actually. As a writer, I need to be creative to be able to come up with excellent articles. But sometimes, my muses abandon me. These are the times when I visit TED Talks to listen to my favorite speakers. Watch TED’s Most Popular Talks of All Time and be moved. You can’t help but be inspired with the ideas shared by the speakers

3. Udemy

5 Websites that Can Make a Filipino Online Assistant Wealthy and WiseUdemy offers competitively-priced short courses on almost anything and everything that you can learn at your own pace whenever and wherever. TYG finished a course and is currently enrolled in two of its writing courses. How can this site make you rich? Upgrading your skills never hurts – it can even change your life for the better.

4. Hubspot

5 Websites that Can Make a Filipino Online Assistant Wealthy and WiseWhen it comes to social media marketing, HubSpot is my website of choice. It has everything an online assistant needs. Sales and marketing tips, SEO, sample forms and templates, infographics, name it, they have it. Articles are very comprehensive, making highly technical topics easier to understand.

5. Facebook

5 Websites that Can Make a Filipino Online Assistant Wealthy and WiseUsed properly, Facebook can be your ultimate source of wealth and wisdom. This is where businesses of all types and sizes share content that can definitely enhance your knowledge. Like pages and join groups  that are relevant to your online assistant career. Be an active reader. Some FB group admins and members share valuable insights about their specific fields of expertise.

SEO Ph’s admin Glenn Mark, for example, shares his SEO knowledge for free. He can even spare some of his precious time to give step-by-step instructions to anyone who wishes to learn.

Aside from providing worthwhile information on a variety of career opportunities, The Online Filipino Freelancers offers an exclusive deal: Join the group, use their exclusive Payoneer link and you can get a total of $175 – FREE. Check out the group’s files section for details.

Freelancing Ph gives you access to rich sources of information and sometimes, even job postings. Join the group, read regularly and you might just land your dream job.

These are TYG’s go-to websites. How about you? Which websites do you recommend? Feel free to write your recommendations in the comments box below. Thanks!


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  1. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, TYG!


    1. You’re very welcome, nocturnalmomtalks!!!


  2. Nezel says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I love your blog. Talk soon.


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