3 Ways to Find Home-based Transcription Jobs Online


Now that you’ve done your portfolio and you feel you are ready to apply for home-based transcription jobs.  You are actually lucky because you have your portfolio you can show to your prospective clients.  Sometimes, there are clients who would ask for a portfolio that you can show to them to see if you would still need an online audio exam.  But there are some who would still give you that five-minute audio exam to test your abilities.

Back in the day, there were very few online transcription jobs and job portals around.  General transcription back then wasn’t that in demand.  If that is the scenario you are faced with, here are some tips on how to snatch that client.


Home-based Transcription Jobs: 3 Ways to Find One


1. Posting in Free-ad Sites

If you are confident about your transcription abilities, you can post your skills in free ads websites, one site was OLX.PH, which used to be sulit.com.ph. But you also have to know how much you would charge your client when you post your ad.  I had to go to forums to find out how much the going rate is for home-based transcription.  You could also do that.  There is a forum which I joined.  It’s the com.

Olx.ph that used to be sulit.com.ph where I first posted my ad as a home-based transcriptionist.

3 Ways to Find Home-based Transcription Jobs Online


Transcriptionessentials.com is the site where I found out the rates for home-based transcriptionists.

3 Ways to Find Home-based Transcription Jobs Online
Transcription Essentials Forum


2. Using Keywords to Find Jobs in Job Portals

If you can’t wait for clients to come to you, you could go to job portals and look for jobs there. If you’re Philippine-based, there are websites like Onlinejobs.ph, UpWork, Freelancing.ph, Craigslist Manila, Career Jet, Jobstreet.com.ph, Raket.ph, and a lot more.  You could type in the keywords:  home-based general transcriptionist, transcriber, audio transcriber, audio transcriptionist, or just the word transcriptionist.  Usually, a list of jobs with these keywords would appear in the page where the jobs would be listed.

Just type the word transcriptionist into the search box, then, a list of jobs would go to the next page.  This is Onlinejobs.ph.

3 Ways to Find Home-based Transcription Jobs Online
Online Jobs Ph


Or check out Craigslist Manila (https://manila.craigslist.com.ph), if you have already created an account in that job portal. Type in the search box the same keyword, “transcriptionist”, and a drop-down list would appear.  You could see this in the illustration below.

3 Ways to Find Home-based Transcription Jobs Online
Craiglist Manila Jobs Page


Below is the list of jobs for that position in the red rectangle.

3 Ways to Find Home-based Transcription Jobs Online
Craiglist Manila search box


3. Creating a LinkedIn Profile

Another option that you could create a profile in LinkedIn. I don’t remember when I’ve created my profile there.  If I’m not mistaken, maybe in 2010 or so.

But since that time I joined LinkedIn, there were a few clients who sent in private messages to me, asking me if I could transcribe for them and asked me for my rate.  Yes, that’s what you read, they asked for my rate.  I found LinkedIn to be a more professional site where you could post your skills to let people know you could do such-and-such a job.  And, when I told one of those clients my rates, he readily agreed and gave me jobs to work on.  No questions asked.

As long as they see you have the experience in doing what you’re good at, they would contact you and ask about how much you charge for that piece of job.

Here’s the profile I have on LinkedIn:

3 Ways to Find Home-based Transcription Jobs Online
LinkedIn profile


So, there you have at least three options to find clients for home-based transcription.  That’s how I started in this industry using those three options.  Or if you’re lazy to find jobs in those job portals, you can just Google the keywords I mentioned and you would find a host of jobs you could apply to.

At present, I am basically a home-based transcriptionist/employee because my job is full time, I work 40 hours a week, I have a paid three-week vacation in May and a paid one-week vacation in December.  I also got a 13th-monthpay.  I got this job from Onlinejobs.ph last April 2015.

I still have part-time jobs from time to time, either podcast transcription or translations or content writing.  I’m sure you’ll find your own home-based transcription job one of these days, as long as you know where to find them.  Good luck in your job search!


About the Author

15300591_10210636090276525_472116703_nEmily Tan Cal is a seasoned transcriptionist, and considers herself to be a writer.  She has been transcribing home-based since 2007, when general transcription was just starting in the Philippines.

At present, she is a full-time home-based general transcriptionist for her Australian boss whom she met through Onlinejobs.ph.

As a single parent, she dedicates her life to her three adorable children.


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