3 Surefire Ways to Optimize Your Freelancing Journey


We’ve all been there, at one time or another. Applying to as many jobs as we can with the hopes of landing that dream job with a lucrative rate attached to it. Some of us make it, others don’t. Yes, each of us has his or her own freelancing journey to tell.

But how can you increase your chances of getting hired when there are millions of online freelancers out there?

You need to be ready. Prepare yourself for the challenges that will come your way.

You need to set your mind. You are a Filipino, resilient, hardworking, intelligent and resourceful. You can be globally competitive.

You need to optimize your skills and maximize resources available to you.

How to do it? Read on.


How to Optimize Your Freelancing Journey

1. Learn

Inspiring stories of Pinoy freelancers who made it despite struggles, physical disabilities and rejections can sometimes bring us to tears. Somehow, someway, we can relate to their journey. Lennie Libas Tetangco‘s freelancing journey after suffering from a stroke that rendered her paralyzed from the waist down touched our hearts. Andrei Soriano Gonzales‘ success story inspired many of us.

Both Lennie and Andrei held high-level positions in the corporate world. Both learned that in freelancing, their degrees do matter, but only to some extent. They grabbed every opportunity to study the tools and apps needed for their line of work. They enrolled themselves in free and paid courses.

Even your Youthful Granny is an avid fan of skills upgrade. I’ve enrolled myself in Jason Dulay’s “The Road to P100k/mo Masterclass”. Why? It’s because I feel I still have so much to learn!

It’s a 10-week intensive training, mastermind, and group coaching program aimed at increasing Filipino freelancers’ values and earnings to P100k/mo and more. It focuses on mind setting, increasing one’s value exponentially, finding high-value clients, keeping high-value clients, niche selection, cover letters, profiles, negotiations, sales techniques, high-level client communication, freelancer branding, freelancer sales funnel and more.

I’ve seen Jason’s video. Feel free to watch it here:



Come and be my classmate! You can register here: WFHR.io/100k


2. Network


tyg call cardA freelancer’s life can be super b-o-r-i-n-g. Want proof? Just look at the increasing number of Pinoy freelancing groups in Facebook. We long for the company of those who understand our lifestyle. We want to know if we’re not the only ones who endure the malicious stares of nosy neighbors who cannot grasp the idea of home based jobs. We’ve had freelancers accused of being sex workers or drug dealers simply because of the way we live. (Madaming pera pang-grocery tapos di naman lumalabas ng bahay… lol).

This is why we need to network, to get up, get out and mingle.

But here’s a thought – if you do want to network, bring some biz cards with you. I remember the struggle Althea and I had each time we attended events. Everybody else had biz cards which they gave to prospects or used for raffle prizes. We stared at each other and promised ourselves to have biz cards of our own.

And mind you, I got two local clients from attending such events. Thanks, Alfox Printing Services for my “magic” biz cards!


3. Be protectedSun-Life-Financial

Most freelancers enjoy rates higher than their offline counterparts. However, most of us do not get the benefits regular employees have. Health cards, retirement funds, pension, etc.

But we still need to be protected. We need to ensure that we and our loved ones will have access to the best care possible when health issues arise. We need to stay fit and safe from illnesses that can affect our freelancing journey.

I’ve been considering several insurance packages, but the one that has grabbed my attention is Sunlife Financial Services. It has various life insurance packages that basically prepare me for the future. Also, I have the freedom to choose whether I’ll invest my money in stocks or just save it.


Of course, Ready, Set, Optimize has more in store for you. Here are our three generous speakers who did not hesitate to say yes when I asked them to be the speakers for the event.




Allow us to guide you as you traverse the rocky road of your freelancing journey. See you soon!!!


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  1. Leo Corado says:

    I can’t wait ti’ll Friday. 🙂


    1. We can’t wait too! So excited to meet all of you. Especially you, sir, who really spent your valuable time, money and effort for this. Ang layo po ng panggagalingan ninyo.. Thanks for the trust. We’ll try our best to keep up with your expectations.


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