Ready, Set and Optimize with Payoneer!


As freelancers, finding a secured and reliable online payment platform where we can send and receive money should be on top of our priorities. If what you’re currently using requires you to wait as long as 5 days to receive your funds on your bank account, or if it gives you a lower conversion rate, it’s time to think twice and find a better solution.

Good thing Payoneer has reached out to Philippine-based freelancers, offering hard-to-resist benefits.


payoneer logoWhat is Payoneer?


Payoneer is a New-York based financial services company founded in 2005. It offers businesses and freelancers innovative solutions to quickly, safely and electronically send money worldwide. The company continuously reforms and develops its processes to provide significant gains to their users. These also ensure users can easily get paid globally, comparable to receiving money locally.

Today, the company has expanded to 200 countries, available in 150 currencies.

The Benefits of Using Payoneer


Miguel Warren, Payoneer’s Country Manager here in the Philippines, has been aiming to execute various strategies to ensure Filipino freelancers, who are cited as an underserved segment of cross-border trade, are given with unmatched support and benefits.

Let’s dig deeper to help you understand why Payoneer is your best bet among other online payment providers.

Integrated with Various Freelancing Platforms


Payoneer has partnered with top freelancing platforms, including Upwork, PeopleperHour, Fiverr, TopTal, goLance, and a whole lot more. So whatever you are using to find clients online, you can easily withdraw your funds and take advantage of their services.

Higher Conversion Rate


Payoneer Philippines has focused on providing opportunities to Filipino freelancers who have been struggling to get the most of their hard-earned incomes. The company gives higher conversion rate compared to other online payment systems like Upworks’ Local Fund Transfer, PayPal or Skrill. The usual difference, as compared to others, can be as much as P0.50 per dollar.

Clients do not need their own Payoneer Account


It’s a fact – clients prefer the easiest way to pay us. They hate to click a lot of buttons to get things done. With Payoneer’s billing service, your client won’t have to go through a lot of steps.

Additionally, your client does not need to have his own Payoneer account to pay for your services. All you have to do is to access your account, click “request a payment,” and send it to your client’s email address. Payoneer will send a virtual invoice with a detailed guideline on how to settle the payment.

Your client has three options to settle the invoice: credit card, e-check, and virtual bank accounts. Here’s a tutorial on how to do it:

Payoneer also helps clients save money with their 2% transaction fee. Wire transfer fee costs $35 while PayPal has a 4.4% fee, computed from the total transferred amount.

Quicker Transfer at No Extra Cost


Previously, you can only withdraw your funds through Payoneer card, a prepaid MasterCard. Although your money will immediately reflect on your account after withdrawal, most people do not appreciate the $30 annual fee.

Thanks to Payoneer Philippines; they have made changes! You can now seamlessly withdraw directly to your bank account, without additional transfer fees!

Less hassle, quicker transfer, with no additional fees – why would you like other offers if Payoneer can give you better deals?

I use BDO and most of the time, my funds reflect on my bank account within the day, as compared to other methods, which usually credit funds within 2 to 5 days upon withdrawal. Why would I settle for a payment method that takes ages to process my transfer request? Sorry, I have to go shopping, ASAP!


Payoneer Sponsors Ready, Set, Optimize!


I am proud to announce that Payoneer is the major sponsor of Ready, Set, Optimize!

Payoneer does not only provide convenience and cost-effective payment solutions to freelancers, they also extend their support to those who want to enhance their skills to become globally competitive (this is TYG’s line, FYI).

Miguel Warren will be there to discuss more of Payoneer’s offers and how we can maximize their services to its full potential.

See you on March 10 at the Palm Village Clubhouse, from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM and learn from our three powerful speakers – Glenn Mark Dizon, Jason Dulay and John Pagulayan.  

Sirikit Hiyasmin Elebaran is a technical blogger and a member of Upwork Pro Writer. She is also the Content Director of Ready, Set, Optimize! and one of the admins of Writer’s Forum and Blog Sharing Group.



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